Enabling Growth By Putting People First

"I need to design a more user-centric and customer-focused organization."

  • Assessment of your current consumer insights and innovation process 
  • Benchmarking and recommendations: best practices, industry, competitors...  
  • Personas and scenarios: from planning to lifecyle support, to break silos and enable alignment on buyers and users throughout the organization.
"I need to identify and define opportunities for new or existing products, services, and programs."

Innovate|2|market's three-step process covers the early part of the product development cycle.  Clients may work with Innovate|2|market throughout the process, or for one particular phase.

  • In the NP-Xplore phase, we use various traditional and advanced techniques to gain market, customer, and user insights, to identify unmet needs and opportunities, and to innovate.
  • In the NP-Define phase we develop the idea, conduct further analysis to make the case for its development (or kill the project), and define what the product or service will be.
  • In the NP-Market phase we validate the concept and develop marketing and product strategies and plans while your team moves ahead with development.
"I need to launch with high impact".

Innovate|2|market can also assist you with the implementation of  NP-Market phase plans.  Acting as an extension to your team we help you succeed by managing critical marketing and product launch initiatives.

"I have other needs".

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