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Improve marketing and new product development process - Personas and Scenarios


A leading designer and manufacturer of infant and children products with highly trusted brands wants to increase its market share and retain its margins despite increasing pressure from competitors.

The company is known for its strong history of technological innovation and safety. However the organization needs to adopt a more customer and user-driven process.

Marketing executives see Personas as a key method to create a better understanding of customer and user types, to identify and define who to design for, to generate better cross-functional communication and alignment, and ultimately to improve design and NPD decisions.


Innovate|2|market designed with the client a two-step process  to introduce Personas and Scenarios in their organization and help them build the cross-functional support needed for embracing and adopting Personas.

The first phase included a two-day off-site workshop conducted by Innovate|2|market with key members of the organization’s marketing, design, engineering, and customer service team.

The workshop was preceded by Innovate|2|market’s review of the organization’s qualitative,  quantitative, and industry research to select critical material that informed the Persona effort planning process and helped the team develop data-driven Personas and scenarios.


The workshop led to the identification of key customer and user types  with a level of clarity and understanding higher than anticipated by client, and an immediate adjustment of their marketing research approach to include critical user and customer types not previously identified.

The workshop also led to the immediate implementation of a social media strategy and website modifications with Increase in Word of Mouth and sales.
These changes, combined  with the development of new products more highly focused on the needs of their key customers. have contributed to our client's "exceptional performance during the downturn" (their quote).