Enabling Growth By Putting People First

Personas and Scenarios

While many functions have access to customers, from new product development and management to sales, in too many companies they do not have an aligned view on customers, resulting in poor decision-making and ultimately loss of revenue.

Personas and Scenarios are one of the best tools to:
  • Build and keep a unified, holistic, up-to-date view of key customers and users across functional silos
  • Gain in-depth intuitive understanding of customers and users 
  • Improve team communication
  • Make better new product development and marketing decisions focused on key customers and users: features, positioning
  • Develop better marketing and sales approaches: collaterals, sales tools, pitches.
  • Build a customer and user-centered culture
In addition to offering Personas and Scenarios in our clients projects, Innovate|2|market conducts workshops and trainings to help organizations develop and then manage their own program.