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New Product Launch
New Product Launch


$3 billion global provider of services to the BioPharma industry to announce June 2011 at their leading industry event the first generation of their new suite of services, a multi-year strategic initiative leveraging their data, systems, processes and clinical expertise.

March 2011 Chief Marketing Officer retains Innovate|2|market to help her Senior Marketing Director with product launch.

Challenges include getting sales force and communication partners to adopt and support the two-phase launch strategy and new offerings in completely new service categories.


Drove and executed integrated marketing and go-to-market activities focused on value proposition development, awareness, and lead generation, working with internal partners (sales, database marketing, event marketing, web and social media, customer insights, communications, product teams, IT, and legal) as well as agencies.

Designed and developed collateral, outbound email, online and multi media assets including full planning of new website (architecture, contents, etc.).

Led the Sales Communication Strategy & Planning work stream, which involved key senior sales, marketing and product executives. 

Identified that the on-demand component of the platform (cloud IT and data hosting), which was ready to take on and execute new client business, was not adequately included in marketing plans or supported. Gained traction and allocation of resources for on-demand component of the platform. Led the new workstream, delivering online and offline material. 


October 2011:

- Enabled timely launch at DIA June 2011, key industry event

- Introduction acclaimed by market and stakeholders, generating $40 million revenue, exceeding goals, a year later

- Leadership of marketing / sales collaboration recognized as setting new quality benchmark: Over 80% of targeted sales force attended voluntary training