Enabling Growth By Putting People First
Innovate|2|market is a provider of innovation and market development services. Innovate|2|market helps organizations: 
  • Identify and define opportunities for new or existing products, services, and technologies (market and product innovation)
  • Improve innovation, insights, and marketing results by bringing customers and users at the heart of their new product development process.
  • Plan and execute go-to-market and launch inititatives
This is done using traditional and Web 2.0 approaches, as well as our:
Our clients all share at least one of these characteristics:
  • Innovation, market and customer insights are key to their growth and differentiation objectives
  • They want to increase innovation and new product development success
  • They want to better market their offerings
  • They are marketing, business development, and technology management team leads as well as corporate executives including CEOs, CFOs, and CMOs.
By working with us they benefit from custom service, an exclusive relationship, flexibility, and proven value and reliabilityInnovate|2|market is proudly independent from any solutions vendor. 

Innovate|2|market is a particularly good fit for organizations in the $100 to $5 billion revenue range, and for those that seek to establish or improve their U.S. and international presence.  Our team has worked in start-up to Fortune 50 companies. 

Innovate|2|market NEWS 
January 2014 

Chief Consultant Claire-Juliette Beale completed new mission with SAS Institute, acting as interim Global Product Marketing Manager for Retail