Enabling Growth By Putting People First
Welcome and thank you for taking the time to explore Innovate|2|market!

An independent provider of innovation and market development services,
Innovate|2|market adds strength to your organization at every stage of the product development lifecycle. 

We help you reach your objectives and maximize your investments by: 

  • Identifying and defining opportunities for new or existing products, services, and technologies (market and product innovation)
  • Improving innovation, insights, and marketing processes and results 
  • Planning and executing go-to-market and launch initiatives
Our difference?
  • We bring international experience in innovation, new product development and management, marketing, and a broad network of experts in various fields who will work in tight collaboration if needed. 
  • We help you bring - and keep - customers and users at the heart of your processes, enabling growth by putting people first
  • We also bring experience in business strategy and development, and management of change, which means we can help you with your most strategic initiatives.   

Innovate|2|market NEWS April 2014 

Chief Consultant Claire-Juliette Beale will talk about doing "Market Research on Shoestrings" at the ProductCampRTP spring conference April 12